Your guaranteed guide to repair a failed basement walkout drain

How do we repair an existing clogged basement walkout drain?

Hello everyone. I’m Caleb with Dansie Design Build in Herriman, Utah. We are in Draper, Utah, and we will go over how we repair this clogged basement walkout drain. What are all the steps involved? Here is the step-by-step guide we did for this project.

Step 1: Remove the Old Basement Drain

The first thing we need to do is jackhammer out the entire landing of the concrete. Then, we remove that concrete, load it into the trailer, and take it off to dispose.

Step 2: Dig and Remove the Dirt

Once all the concrete is gone, the next step is to dig the dirt down underneath the landing about three feet. Depending on how much water we anticipate the drain needing to handle, we may need to move less dirt or more dirt. 

Step 3: Prepare the New Drain System

The next thing we do is we will prepare our drain. In this project, we used a 55-gallon plastic barrel with a 9” catch basin attached to its upper side. We put holes in the wall of the barrel that will allow the water to flow out of the barrel to the drain field. 

We also cut the bottom of the barrel so the water would flow out and not create a retention container. We use ¾” to 1” size gravel for the drain field around the barrel. This is an important note, as this gravel size allows the water critical time and space to percolate into the surrounding soils.

Step 4: Install the Drain

For this next step, we will install the drain system into the three-foot hole, then ensure it’s level and positioned at the correct elevation. This is when we set the slope for the drain and landing. Then, we will put the gravel around the barrel until the excavation is fully filled. 

This is a gentle process, as each time gravel lands on the drain, it moves the drain slightly, and the drain needs to be continuously checked to ensure it stays in the correct position as the gravel is being placed in the excavation.  Once the gravel is all placed, we check the drain height one final time and make sure it will allow for the correct amount of slope on the concrete landing.

Step 5: Finish up the New Basement Walkout Drain

When we fill up the rest of the hole with the gravel, we remember to leave four inches of height open to place our concrete landing.

We will cut and fit the rebar, ensuring everything fits well. Next, we will pour the concrete for the landing. We want it to slope towards the drain so everything drains in the right spot. We don’t want any puddles or anything like that.

We also put a temporary wood platform above the landing, where people can step in and out of the basement while the concrete is drying.

Need help with your clogged basement walkout drain?

If you need help fixing your drain and live in Utah, the Salt Lake, Utah County areas, or surrounding areas beyond there, reach out to us. We’d love to give you a call, talk to you, and see how we can help you fix your drain.


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