Top 5 Basement Walkout Door Designs Explained

Basement Walkout Door Designs

Hello, everyone. It’s Caleb of Dansie Design Build in Herriman, Utah. Today, we are discussing the top five basement walkout door designs and going in-depth on each one.

#1: Full Lite Door

The first door we’re talking about is a full glass or full lite door with integrated blinds between the two panes. What I like about this walkout door is that it lets in a lot of natural light.

It also has those integrated blinds, so you can close them if you want to. With those blinds being integrated, they’re between the two panes. So, as the door swings open and shuts, those blinds stay put and will not get broken by anybody.

#2: Half Lite Door

Next, we have the half lite door with grids on the window. I like this one because it still lets in quite a decent amount of natural light through the top half of the door.

Another admirable aspect of it is its bottom side. You don’t have to worry about hand prints or messes from little paws or fingers getting on the glass and having to clean that repeatedly.

Then, the grids are the little lines in the
windows. Those are just nice to tie in with any other architectural features of the house.

#3: Straight Solid Door

The third door we’re talking about today is a straight solid door, which can come in fiberglass or steel. Its benefit is that it’s really at a more economical price point. There’s no maintenance required, so there’s nothing to worry about with glass.

The downside is that no light is coming in like the other ones we’ve discussed, which have windows.

#4: Style-Specific Door

So, the fourth door we’re talking about is astyle-specific door, and this example is of a craftsman-type door. I like this one because it can tie into your existing doors. You can get any door that you’re looking for to match that style.

#5: Double Door

Door number five is a double door, and I like these because they’re bigger than the others. Both doors can open if you’d like, so you can easily move things in and out of these types of doors.

The downside is you would have to
cut the foundation to make the landing of your basement walkout entry a bit bigger. However, getting things in and out of the basement is fantastic.

Got Basement Finishing Needs?

If you want help knowing how wide your basement walkout needs to be, you can contact us and check out our blog about the most common widths of basement walkout entries. Thank you so much, and have a great rest of your day. Bye.


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