The Process from Our First Meeting to Project Completion

When to Expect When You Work with Dansie Design Build for Your Home Project

Hello, everyone, Caleb Dansie here with Dansie Design Build. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about our pre-construction agreement and our letter of intent and the process that we take from our initial consultation, our first meeting, all the way through actually getting your project completed for our customer.

What to Expect During the Initial Consultation Meeting

The first meeting that we have is the initial consultation, and that’s one that an individual can schedule on our website. We’ll reach out,  confirm a time and then meet them in their home. In this meeting, we’re going to be looking at mostly what is the work that they’d like to have done? How can we help them? What are some ideas and ways to make this happen. We will also look at some pictures and other projects we’ve completed in the past to help get some ideas.

The next thing that we’ll really need to talk about in this meeting is the budget. What is this person comfortable investing in their home? And also what is the person uncomfortable investing in their home? It’s important to understand that right from the very beginning, so that we can get on the same page financially and be able to design something that will meet their needs as well as their budget.

The Design Agreement | Second Meeting

In our second meeting that we’ll have, we’ll have the design agreement in place. We will come out and measure, field measurements of everything that we need to do to remodel such as draw the plan. We’ll also take pictures of the existing condition of the home and of the areas that we’ll be working in. In the second meeting we will also look at what types of materials you are you interested in using in the remodel.

If you have pictures or design boards that you are interested in, this would be the time to send those into us so we incorporate those into the design. After our second meeting, we will draw the plans and produce the design, the preliminary design.

Preliminary Design Phase | Third Meeting

In our third meeting, we’ll meet and present the preliminary plans to you, and then make any modifications that need to be made or revisions to those plans. Once those plans are approved, the preliminary design is completed.  So that’s really exciting, we get to move into the final design phase now.

What to Expect During the Final Design Phase

The final design phase is finalizing the plans so that the city can approve them as well as our company, subcontractors, and trade partners can use those plans to quantify materials. The engineering will also happen at this time, if there’s any engineering, structural elements that are part of your project.

Once we’re into final design, we’ll also want to finalize the material selection that you are looking to have in your home. We will put all that together and then present that to you in the next meeting, in which we’ll present the plans, specifications, your material selections, as well as pricing, so what it will actually take to do the remodel at this point with the final design completed.

Pre Construction Phase | The Building Agreement

The pre construction phase is when we will review our construction contract with you and prepare to move into the post design and pre-construction phase. Once the construction contract is signed, the building agreement, we will enter into the pre-construction phase where our team on the back end will prepare the applications for the city permitting process and approval, as well as sending out all the purchase orders to our suppliers and subcontractors. When we get that finalized and wrapped up, we’ll be ready to start in on the construction.

Construction Kick Off Meeting to Start Building!

It’s really exciting to get to this point, so we kick it off with a construction kickoff meeting, where we have the homeowners present and everyone from our team who needs to be there present to understand and review everything one more time before we start the project.

We’ll review any special items that you would have on the property such as, any special circumstances for their family or for their property. Once we’re through with the construction kickoff meeting, we actually start the remodeling. 

Online Client Portal for Convenient Project Communication & Updates

Typically with remodeling, we don’t have a lot of meetings, but we do have a lot of communication. We channel all communication through our online system. The benefit of that is for the homeowners to have the flexibility to access their information whenever they’re available, whenever they want. It also frees them up from a lot of meetings on a weekly or twice a week basis, so they’re more free to continue with their lives.

Then we also have the transparency among our team with the homeowners and with our trade partners, through the whole process there as well. So if we do need to have meetings we can schedule those out, and we do have those from time to time. But most of all the communication we have is not face to face it’s through our online system.

Completed Project | Final Meeting for Project Turnover

Then when we finish the project, we will have a turnover meeting where we will show you anything that you need to know about the new systems in your home, whether those electrical, mechanical, appliances. Those kind of things so that you’re educated on what you need to do to maintain your home and to take good care of it and use it well.

Once we’re done with the turnover meeting, the construction is over and it’s time to enjoy your new place. So after about six months, we’ll check in with you and see how you’re enjoying it and if there’s is anything that we need to adjust.

Dansie Design Builds Entire Construction Process

That’s the process that we have from our initial consultation, all the way through the whole entire construction process. Thank you for your time today, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.


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