Sound Dampening Technique to Soundproof Your Door

Installing Trim and Doors for a Herriman Basement Finish

Hello, Caleb here with Dansie Design Build. Today, we are installing the trim and doors in a basement finish in Herriman, Utah. So a few things are going on here for this basement apartment finish; we’re building this with the intention that the owners will have a convertible space. So they can rent out a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment, maintain a portion of the basement for themselves for storage with either of those options or rent out the entire basement, including the storage areas. So as part of that, we’ve incorporated a lot of soundproofing and sound-dampening techniques; I want to show you what we’re doing to ensure that the doors are not the weak link in sound-dampening.

Sound Dampening Door Technique

When you first come down the stairs into the basement, you enter into the space dedicated primarily to the owners; on the other side of the door is a bedroom. So this room will get a deadbolt lock. And what we’ve done to soundproof between the owner’s side of the basement and the bedroom on the other side is installing a solid core door, which helps with the sound dampening. And then, for the jamb, we’ve put an exterior-style weather strip and threshold to maintain air and sound on their respective sides of the door. 

A crack will be covered with trim and spray foam insulation to maintain as much sound dampening as possible.

How to Soundproof a Partition Wall

Now moving over to the other door for the bedroom, this will receive a similar style door, and you can see in one of our other videos HERE the sound channels we put inside the partition wall for soundproofing.

Basement Apartment Sound Dampening

So as we move through here, we walk into the main kitchen area of the apartment side of the basement. So this door will have the same detail as the exterior style weather strip and threshold. So we are using a very traditional style trim. And then on this side, this is where we’re going to put in that little bit of insulation; it won’t receive very much, as it’s a small gap.

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