Kitchen Remodeling Tip: Install Cabinets to be Water-Resistant

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets to Last Longer

Hello everyone. Caleb with Dansie Design Build here. Today we are in this new custom home that we are working on in Herriman, Utah. We’re working on putting in the cabinetry, and I wanted to show you some things that we’re doing to help make sure that these cabinets last a lot longer, that they’re more water-resistant, and that they’re going to be beautiful for these people for a long time. So we’ve got the drywall in, the hard flooring is installed, and we’re working on the cabinetry. So, let’s jump right in.

New Home Kitchen Layout

We’re in the kitchen area. The garage is off the kitchen, and that’s the main entry from the home’s garage. The fridge will have two side panels and a 36-inch opening for the refrigerator—the pantry is also in the central kitchen. We don’t have the trim installed or the doors yet, so we’re just masking off around the cabinets.

Then we have the stove, and there will be a range hood above the stove. The island is in the middle of the kitchen, and there will be a 36-inch sink in the cabinet. Then we have the hot, cold, and the drain. To one side, there’s a 24-inch cabinet. 

Minimum Electrical Code for Outlets in a Kitchen

We’ve got our electrical to have our outlet on the side. For minimum code, we need to have at least one outlet on an island, and that’s to prevent people from plugging in the blender and having the cord go all the way across to the island.

Then we’re going to be putting some cover panels on the sides of the cabinets, which is just like what we’re doing here on the fridge. 

Using Silicone Underneath High-Density Fiberboard Panels

What we’re doing that’s cool is putting some silicone underneath these panels to prevent any water from being able to go underneath that panel and soak up into the HDF, the high-density fiberboard, which is what these are.

How Dansie Design Build Installs Cabinets for Extra Durability

High-density fiberboard is very common in cabinetry, especially these days, with everything being painted white or lacquered. If you look at a section of the cover panel, I have green tape on the side, but the inside is this high-density fiberboard, which will be very durable. Still, just as an extra precaution, we’re putting this silicone under there to keep any water from being able to enter. So we’re doing it on both sides of the fridge and island where the cover panels will be. Then we have more going on around here by the stove, but we haven’t got to those yet. So we’re doing those things here on this new custom home in Herriman to ensure that his kitchen will be beautiful for a long time.

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