How to Soundproof a Partition Wall for a Home Remodel

Soundproofing Techniques for a Home Remodel or Basement Finish

Hello, I’m Caleb Dansie with Dansie Design Build. Today I wanted to talk to you about how to soundproof a wall when you’re finishing your basement, building a basement apartment, or remodeling your home.

Soundproofing a Partition Wall for a Riverton, Utah Basement

There are a lot of different methods that you can use but the method we’re using for a home in Riverton, Utah, is by utilizing sound dampening and decoupling of various members of the wall to reduce the amount of sound that’s able to come through. So we have a party wall separating the apartment side of the basement from the owner’s side of the basement; it’s essential to have a reasonable sound transmission rate through that wall.

How Sound Travels Through the Walls

The sound will come through the wall primarily through the studs. So what that channel does is it creates a half of an inch gap between the stud and drywall; the drywall will only be connected to the horizontal strips, and the studs will carry the sound through from the other side of the wall.

How to Minimize the Amount of Sound Transmission

Instead of having the sum of the area of each stud transmitting the sound through, we only get the areas where they intersect, far less area. So that’s how we can minimize the amount of sound transmission that comes through—and then couple that with insulation that has a sound-dampening effect. So really, we’re getting both sides; sound dampening and the sound transmission value.

Another Soundproofing Technique

You can also put channels on the ceiling, separating the joist above the drywall from below, and reducing the sound transmission from upstairs into the basement.

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