How to Set Up Electricity for a Hobbit House Build

Set Up Electricity in a Hobbit House

Hello, everyone. I’m Caleb with Dansie Design Build. Today, we’re at the Hobbit house project that we’ve got going in Herriman, Utah. And I wanted to show you how we set up electricity inside, so let’s jump right in.


As soon as we come in, you can see that the electric fireplace behind me is one of the main focuses of the room. We’ve wired that in with electricals so that it can be the electrical heat source for this space. It’s nice and comfortable during the colder months of the year.

Interior Lighting

The lighting is the other thing we’ve spent a lot of thinking and time figuring out what would be ideal.

We’ve chosen some four-inch recessed lights for the primary lighting. I’m super excited about these because they have a very thin profile. This particular light has an adapter that plugs in sockets. When you flip it up, these little ears hold the light in place. You don’t need to have a can for the can lights.

These lights can go anywhere in the ceiling, even underneath a joist. We maximized the functionality of this product in this project, so we got them dialed into just the right spots.

So, the next thing is the actual lighting on the bookshelf. We got some lights chosen and wired into the locations that will coordinate with the cabinets. They line up with where the brakes are in between each cabinet box so that we can wire these lights right on.

Electrical Switches & Outlets

I also liked where we put all the light switches and controls for the lighting and other electrical wiring. They’re easy to get to, right by the door and this window seat.

Under one window, there will be bench seating that you can sit on. There’s a can light right above it that’s also centered over the window. So, we mirrored that over the other window and have symmetry between this side and the other side of the Hobbit house.

On the other side, we will have a standing desk in front of the window, where you can stand and look outside and use it as a writing surface. Besides that, we have the thermostat wired in. It’ll be in a convenient space, far enough away from the heat source but still in a great spot to control the temperature in the Hobbit house.

When we set up electricity here, we wanted to ensure it was a nice place to be during the holidays. After all, it’ll be awesome to have small family gatherings and fun activities in this custom Hobbit House.

So, we placed some little electrical outlets on the sides of the fireplace. And these are run on a switch, so you could plug in a miniature Christmas tree here. Then, you can hit the lights on your way out and turn your Christmas tree off without unplugging it behind the bristles and the needles.

Got a Custom Home Project in Mind?

Thanks for watching today’s video. If you want to know how we made this house’s Hobbit door or check out our basement finishing projects, check out our resources. Thanks for tuning in today, and we’ll catch you next time.


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