How to Pour Basement Walkout Entry Stairs in the Winter

Riverton, Utah, Basement Walkout Entry Stairs

Hello, Caleb with Dansie Design Build. Today, we just finished pouring a basement walkout entry in Riverton, Utah; we did the stairs and landings. So I wanted to show you the work we did today and how we protect the concrete in the wintertime from freezing so that it dries nicely and firmly.

Setting Up the Forms & Chute

We have our form set up for the stairs and the chute. So that’s going to bring the concrete down and into the bottom of the basement walkout entry. Essentially, we’ve got the line snapped on the side. That shows us where the top of the concrete needs to be. That will flow right up and underneath the door’s threshold with the rebar.

Ensuring No One Steps in Concrete While Working

We have a ladder set up so that no one steps on the stairs as they’re working. So we’re getting the first little bit of concrete in the buggy, which we will dump into the chute and pour down into the landing. To smooth the walkout concrete out, I will use a level.

Make Sure to Rub Oil on the Forms to Avoid Concrete Sticking

So we rub oil into the forms so that the concrete doesn’t stick and peel the wood off; the concrete stays in place. We’re just using motor oil, Pennzoil 5W20. That makes it look nice, and it takes excellent care of the wood.

When to Remove the Forms to Complete the Walkout Stairs

The forms will stay on until the concrete is semi-set up, just ready to be finished. And then you carefully take off the forms from the wall and remove that two-by, hand it up, and then you can complete the front side of the steps. So that’s why we put the oil on, to make sure that these come off nice and clean, so when we’re at this point, they can be finished to get that excellent look.

Keeping the Concrete Warm

For the walkout, we have insulated tarps. Essentially, they have foam between the different layers of the tarp so that it’s insulated to keep the concrete warm. And then we put two-by-fours on the top to weigh it down so it doesn’t blow off.

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