How to Make a Hobbit Door for a Custom Home Project

Hobbit Door Design & Build

Hello everyone. I’m Caleb with Dansie Design Build in Herriman, Utah. Today, I wanted to show you how we made a round Hobbit door.

The door is hooked onto a metal frame. On one side, we’ve got these two prominent members: a couple of inch-and-a-half tube steels. They have been welded onto a custom bracket and a gate hinge. These are rated for 9,000 pounds and can hold all the weight we could throw at it.

Next, we welded them to another bracket connected to a three-inch square tube. And that is quarter-inch steel, three by three post. And we’ve got that rooted and secured down, down, down into a concrete foundation footing thing three feet wide and four feet deep.

That three-by-three post continues down to the full depth below the actual concrete. At the top, the metal is bolted onto a horizontal three-by-three bar. The same thing goes on the other side.

How It's Made

The actual door is partially finished here. We’ve got this inch-and-a-half tube steel bent into a perfect circle. And then we’ve got another three-inch by quarter-inch flat bar attached on the outside.

That leaves us with a three-quarter-inch space on either side of the inch-and-a-half tube to put our three-quarter-inch alder. We are using knotty alder hardwood to create a rustic look.

Then, the alder planks are attached with screws into the steel. So, we drill a pilot hole, countersink that, and then have this self-tapping screw go all the way in and finish the job. I like these screws because they have a Torx head and look fantastic. And we painted those black as well, so they won’t rust.


As for the actual doorknob, we have this little box here and some excellent hardware from Emtek. We can then mount and weld the doorknob onto the three-inch thick door slab. We’ve also sent this to the powder coater, so we shouldn’t have any rust issues.

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