How to Level a Concrete Floor for a Basement Finish

Riverton, Utah Basement Finishing

Hello, I’m Caleb with Dansie Design Build. Today, I wanted to show you the process we did on a basement finish in Riverton, Utah, to prep the floor for the LVP flooring, the click-lock flooring we’re installing on the floor here.

Prepping the Concrete Floor

We went through a process of prepping the concrete with a chemical that allows the self-leveling concrete to adhere to the existing concrete. And then that self-leveling fills in all the hills and valleys of the existing floor. In many basements, especially in Utah, the existing concrete floor the original builders put in is typically not very level.

How to Level a Concrete Floor to Install LVP Flooring

So the process and steps we use to get the floor leveled and flat to lay the flooring on top are the following:

  1. We start by putting a primer, a pink color, on top of the concrete. So we do this so the concrete is prepared by allowing the pores to be sealed in the existing concrete and then providing a surface to which the self-leveling concrete can adhere. 
  2. Then, we mix the powder with water; it’s a runny consistency.
  3. Then we pour the powder and water mix out, spread it with our trowels, and get it as flat as we can because it does not self-level itself a hundred percent. 
  4. But then, once we’re done with that portion of the work, we can go back afterward and scrape off any high points, as the concrete’s still pretty green and fresh.

From there, it’s leveled out and ready to go. And then, we can put down the foam underlayment or the poly underlayment underneath the flooring. So that’s the whole process that we did today to do that.

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