How to Install a Basement Walkout Entry Header

How to Prep and Install Structural Header for Basement Walkout Entry

Hello everyone. I’m Caleb with Dansie Design Build. Today, I want to show you this new basement walkout entry we are starting in Riverton, Utah — particularly the structural header prep we’re doing. So, let’s jump in, and I’ll teach you how to install this.

Step 1: Fabricate the Steel Header Piece

Start by fabricating the steel header piece that will go on the walkout basement on the side of the house. In this case, this is a five-inch header that’s three-eighths thick. The engineer specifies this measurement.

Step 2: Set Up the Structural Header

Cut out the steel header and cut all the bolt holes to the pattern the engineer specified. I used a block to prop the steel header and hold it temporarily. There are 13 holes drilled in this particular one, spanning the distance of the existing basement walkout windows.

Step 3: Mark the Concrete Below the Structural Header

We installed the steel header first because we needed to mark the concrete that needed to be cut out one inch below it. This mark is 83 inches above the basement floor inside. That’s the height we need to fit the basement walkout door perfectly. Once you do the concrete cutting, you will cut the concrete header across the top. The steel header will assume the width of the house. So, we’re also putting another steel header inside the house.

Step 4: Clean the Drilled Out Bolt Holes

When the bolt holes get drilled out, cleaning them is essential. You can use the nylon brush to do that. It’s a pipe cleaner with nylon bristles to scrape the concrete powder. Blow out the holes with compressed air and use the nylon brush again. Do these techniques back and forth until all the drilled holes are clean.

Step 5: Fill the Bolt Holes with Epoxy

Once the holes are free from concrete power, you can fill them with epoxy. It’s a two-part chemical, and we use a regular caulk gun to squeeze the epoxy in the drilled holes. The chemical looks like cement when it’s done drying, but it’s intended to secure structural members like bolts to a concrete foundation.

After the Structural Header Preparation and Installation

That’s the entire process of preparing and installing the structural header for a walkout basement entrance. Once the steel header is installed, you can start excavating and digging this walkout entry. You can then open up the earth and pile the dirt up. Afterwards, you can cut the concrete header and work on the basement walkout door installation.

Contact Dansie Design Build For Your Home's Walkout Entry

That’s a bit about how we get these walkout entry ideas ready. If you need help building a walkout entry in your home, drawing basement walkout plans, getting a permit for basement finishing in Utah, or figuring out how to get things ready to go with engineering or with the city, you can contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule a project consultation with you regarding basement walkouts. Thanks for your time today, and have a great week.


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