How to Calculate Basement Square Footage

How to Figure Rough Build Costs for Basement Finishing in Herriman Utah

Hello everyone. Today, I wanted to talk to you about how you can calculate the square footage for your basement finish. This is going to be useful if you have an unfinished basement that you’re looking to get done. You’re in the preliminary stages, and just trying to get some rough ballpark figures on how much space you have down there that’s going to be needing to get done and looking to get some preliminary pricing.

Basement Finishing Cost Calculator

We have a cost calculator on our website where you can actually input the rough square footage that you figured onto our website, and it will generate a rough cost based on a few different factors you can put in there. I wanted to show you how to actually calculate the square footage of your basement space so you can then put it in the cost calculator. I’ll share my screen and show you some slides that I have that illustrate this.

Step 1: Draw a Sketch of Your Basement

When you start, you’re going to start by drawing a sketch of the exterior walls of the basement. You might have some interior partition walls that are framed or set up for the stairs or other load-bearing walls that are already built. For calculating the square footage, we’re going to need to ignore anything that’s already there as far as partitions or structural framing walls and calculate around those. We’re going to just ignore them, start with a clean, fresh slate and sketch out the exterior walls of the basement. 

What we’ll need to do is think of the basement in rectangles, because it’s probably the case that you don’t have just a straight square or one plane rectangle in your basement. You probably have several pop-outs,  walls, and different things going on. So we’ll partition this off into imaginary little rectangles so that we can calculate the square footage of each one individually, and then total those up at the end. 

Step 2: Calculate Basement Square Footage

The first area is what we’re going to calculate. There are a lot of ways you can measure that just by measuring inside or calculating off the exterior walls on different measurements. First measure those two, a 5-by-10, that leaves us a 50-square-foot area. So we’ll total that up on the side. So we’ll put 50 square feet over there. The next area is a 30-by-20, which gives us 600 square feet. So we’ll put that off to the side, 600 square feet. Then the little thing on the bottom is a 5-by-2 measure in both directions, and then that gives us 10 square feet. So we’ll put that off to the side as well. The next area is a 40-by-20, which gives us an 800-square-foot area. The last one is a 5-by-20, and that gives us a 100-square-foot area.

Square Footage Areas That Don’t Need Calculated into the Basement Finishing Costs

When we total all these up, we get 1,560 square feet of the total area in the basement. What you need to calculate is including the stairs and any areas that are going to be finished. If you have an under the porch area, and cold storage, typically you don’t need to finish those or calculate those into this square footage calculation that we put in the basement finishing cost calculator on our website.

How to Calculate Basement Square Footage to Help Figure Finishing Costs in Herriman Utah

That’s how you go about calculating how much space you have down in your basement. In order to get those rough figures calculated and be able to get rough pricing going for your projects. You know what’s that probably going to cost. So, anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this. And if you would like to download our cost calculator it’s available HERE. It’s free and I hope that you enjoy it and that it can help you get some idea of what it would cost to finish your basement based on the size, based on factors like kitchens, and bathrooms based on walkout entries. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our website, and request a consultation. We’d love to hear from you, and until later, we’ll talk to you soon. Bye.


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  • Pricing to include a bathroom, a kitchen, a laundry room, or open square footage
  • Basement walkout entrance pricing
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