The Permitting Process for Finishing a Basement in Herriman

How to Get a Permit for a Basement Finishing Project in Herriman

Hello, Caleb Dansie here with Dansie Design Build. Today I’m going to review the basement permitting process with the City of Herriman. We apply for the basement finishing permit once we have completed the plans and design phase. Completing the plans is important before submitting, as well as making the decisions for the selections and specifications. The city requires a full set of plans that are complete with dimensions and sizes shown for all rooms, doors, windows, window wells, and a list of other things.

Why Contractors Work with the City for Permits

Contractors work with the city on every project on which they submit permits and are familiar with what the city wants. Therefore we normally go into the city for the permit application, which benefits the owner because we can efficiently answer any questions that the city may ask. We’ve found that contractors are able to get permits a lot faster simply because they’re more familiar with the process and how that actually works, this is why the contractor typically spearheads the operation between the city and the project instead of the owner. Home owners rarely submit permit applications.

The City Permit Application Requirements

There is a lot of key information that the city requires for a permit. This includes the project’s location, the scope of work (which is what we are actually doing.) The city requires us to submit the plans and show what we’re doing with the space. We must show where the sinks belong, where the bathrooms are, as well as any bedrooms. We’re also going to show the egress requirements and how those are being met. We do this after the plans are done, after the plans are designed, and after the specifications and selections have been made.

In the old days, we went into the city office quite a bit. We would fill out the application in the building, bring in the plans and everything else that they require, and then we would submit those items. Today, we typically enter it online. The pandemichas brought on these changes and others, which I think is for the better. Remote submittals have become easier, and now we can fill out the whole permit application and submit online.

Submitting the Permit

Once we submit the permit, the city typically takes between seven to ten business days to review that plan and have someone check to make sure that it is meeting the codes and requirements for what we’re doing. Then they notify the builder and let him or her know that the plans are under review. Once it’s ready to go, we make payment for the permits and can then pick those up in-person or print those out, depending on which city processes the permit. We can then start construction once we have the permit in hand.

Minimum Building Requirements

A building permit on your basement ensures a minimum level of safety and building requirements for your home. You may ask, “Well, why do I have to ask permission from the city to do what I want with my property?” That’s a good question. Many people buy and sell homes, and when you sell the home, it becomes somebody else’s property. The city wants to ensure that all homes and buildings in their city are meeting the minimum code requirements for safety and life safety measures. That’s one good reason why we need to make sure we get our permits filled correctly.

Another reason is that contractors are required to only work on projects that have an actual permit on file with the city office. This is a legal reason that provides you with some safety and peace of mind, knowing that the inspectors will be coming throughout the phases of construction to verify that the work is being done up to minimum code requirements.

Permit Inspection Process

Once construction starts, we review a series of inspections with the city and have the inspector come out to verify that the work is done correctly, as well as address any concern that the inspector may have before the approval is given to continue with the work.

Basement Finishing and Home Remodels in Herriman, Utah

That is a crash course about how the permit process works.  If you have any questions about how permits work for finishing your basement or completing a home remodel, you can request a consultation or give us a call. We are more than happy to talk to you about how we can help you with your project. Have a wonderful rest of your day.


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