How Long Does Building a Basement Walkout Entry Take?

The Process for a Basement Walkout Entry in Riverton, Utah

Hello, Caleb with Dansie Design Build here. Today, we’re talking about how long it takes to build a basement walkout entry as an addition to your existing home in Riverton, Utah. So, a basement walkout entry and the bulk of the construction will happen within two to three weeks.

There are three phases to a basement walkout entry project.

Phase 1: Enter Into a Design Agreement & Design Your Basement Walkout Entry

The first phase is the design phase. During this phase, we enter into our design agreement and produce the drawings and the engineering that the City will require to get a permit. So that typically takes about two to three weeks to finish the planning and designing engineering work.

Phase 2: Prep the Application Package & Submit it to the City

From there, we prepare our application package for permitting through the City, submit it, and wait for their feedback and approval for the project. So this phase typically takes, again, between two and three weeks. It can take as little as two or three days, but that’s not very likely, and it can take as much as four or five weeks, depending on how busy the City is with their permit applications and getting through the work they have in front of them.

Phase 3: Receive the Building Permit & Start Construction

Once the application has been reviewed and approved, we will receive our building permit and start construction. The building phase takes two to three weeks. In that time, we’ll complete the following:

  • Excavation
  • Haul off the excess dirt.
  • Install the door.
  • Cut the foundation wall so the door can fit in there. 
  • Install the drain.
  • Pour the concrete stairs.

The last thing we’ll have to do is install the hand railings, and typically those can take between two and four weeks to get, but depending on which ones are selected, they can take up to 16 weeks to get the handrails.


When we’re working through the scheduling portion of a project before we start, we’ll get an excellent idea of what to expect and communicate those expectations with the owner we’re working with on the project.

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