How to Get Your Ideal Home with Specifications & Selections

How to Get the Ideal Home You Were Envisioning

Today, we’re talking about how a homeowner can end up with the project the way that they were envisioning it from the start. I’m Caleb Dansie with Dansie Design Build, and we’re talking about specifications and selections and how they help customers get this done. 

Preliminary Design | Decide on the Level of Finishes

During the design process, we’re going to be in preliminary design. Part of that is having some conversations and really getting into details about the level of finishes and the expectations for materials and quality that a homeowner is expecting in their project, whether it’s a remodel, a basement finish, a new custom home or an ADU. This works great for anything in residential construction. 

We’re going to be having those conversations as to the level of finishes that you’re expecting, whether that’s an average level of finish, a custom level of finish or an ultra custom luxury level of finish. We’re having those conversations. We can pull together different options that will be going into the project and compile those in our online software. Then all of our customers that we work with get a login in to that software so they can view the project and view all the specifications and selections. 

What Are Specifications and Selections for a Home Project?

The specifications are the items that do not have a choice for the customer. A lot of times something like foundations are going to be more standard. They might not have a lot of options there. That would be a specification. 

Then there will be other things that do have a lot of options, such as flooring, cabinetry, trim, and millworks, those type of things. We’ll put the options in there for different floorings that will show the exact item that we’re using, what the floors are, or what the cabinets are, what the colors are as well as the price associated with each item.

How the Home Selections and Specifications Work for Your Project

When you get logged into the online software, we’ll have a list of things that you need to choose. It will show the dates by when the selections need to be chosen. Ideally, we like to choose those all at the beginning of the project, push all that information toward the beginning so we can really nail down the numbers, the schedule and what we’re doing during construction. That is what we try to do all the time.

Why the Online Software Streamlines the Home Projects Design Process

Once the selections have been chosen, the price is associated there and updated. We can see the pricing, the materials, and everybody in the project, both the homeowners, the general contractor and all the subcontractors have that information so that everybody’s on the same page to when we actually get to building the project out. We order what was selected. And then we install what was chosen.

When we finished the project, we actually finished building what we were intending in the very beginning. That really simplifies the building process, streamlines the communication a lot, and actually helps us deliver on expectations.

How to Get Your Home Remodeled or Basement Finished in Salt Lake County

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video today. If you have any questions about home remodeling, basement finishing, or custom homes and ADUs, you can take a look around our website or request a project consultation. Thank you for your time today and have a wonderful rest of your day.


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