Hobbit Door Jamb Design: How Does It Work?

Hobbit Door Jamb Design

Hello, everyone. I’m Caleb with Dansie Design Build in Herriman, Utah. Today, I wanted to show you how the door jamb for the hobbit door works.

How Does It Work?

This is the actual door jamb for the hobbit door. We will grab this door jamb and place it outside the hobbit door. 

We used a 1/4 steel flat bar bent to the correct diameter we needed. That’s half an inch larger in all directions than the outer diameter of the hobbit door. That will leave us with a quarter inch of space around the door on all sides. 

We also used a 5/8-inch square tubing inside the circle, bent to the same diameter. It will act as the backstop for the hobbit door when it closes. So, the hobbit door will sit right here when it comes fully closed, and it’ll latch into this hole. Then, it will rest up against this when it’s fully shut.

Framing the Hobbit Door

We left enough space to put some gaskets to create an excellent seal for the hobbit door. And when we get it in place, we will need to install some unique framing similar to what we’ve got going on for these little windows. After that, we will put some framing on a diagonal here, another one on the top, and another on the side. We will work those all the way around this hobbit door. 

On the
hobbit house door jamb, we have countersunk holes for screws. So once we get this fitted around the door and have that framing in the right place, we’ll use some shims and shoot those screws out through those countersunk holes and into the wood framing surrounding the hobbit door. 

That’s how the door jamb is going to work.

Need Help With Design and Build?

If you want more information on how we framed our round windows, you can check out our blog for that. You can also request a project consultation with us if you need help designing and planning a custom home or finishing a basement. We’d love to reach out to you. 

Have a great day!


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