Herriman Basement Apartment REVEAL Part 1

Basement Apartment Tour

Hello, Caleb with Dansie Design Build; today, I want to take you on a walkthrough of a basement apartment project that we recently completed in Herriman, Utah.

Kitchen & Dining Space

Once you enter the basement apartment, you enter the kitchen area. The kitchen is a full kitchen, which includes a fridge, microwave, stove, and sink; it also has an island in the center of the kitchen space, which gives plenty of working space to prepare meals and to dine as a family at the table.

Full Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

The sink is a full single bowl sink that’s easy to wash large pots and pans. I always recommend this one when you’re going with a dishwasher option because there’s no need for the second bowl if you’re not rinsing dishes.

Deciding on Kitchen Countertops

When designing your kitchen, the countertops will be one of the most important decisions you make because that’s the surface you’re working on every time you go into the kitchen. 

So, in this kitchen, we went with a quartz countertop, and the benefits of quartz are that it is non-porous and will not absorb anything that you put on them, so you don’t have to reseal them like you do a natural stone.

Incorporating Lighting into the Basement Apartment Design

We were also able to include a lot of lighting in this space, so we installed: 

  • Under-cabinet lighting for where you’re working
  • Above-the-cabinet lighting. This gives an excellent lift to the room.
  • Many can lights. This provides a friendly, pleasant experience and ensures that no one feels like they’re in a dark basement.

Also, they can add ambient lighting through a table or floor lamp, giving a good mood for the evening after the kids go to bed and it’s time to wind down and relax.

Ensuring Noise is Managed in Both the Primary & Secondary Units

Any time you have a separate unit in a house, privacy, sound, or noise management, is essential. So we have a party wall in this basement apartment to separate the two parties. We did some extra work in the framing and insulation details to ensure that this wall mitigates much of the sound anybody makes so you don’t hear what’s happening on the other side of the wall.

Finishing the Storage Space

One important thing to a lot of our clients is storage. There’s no better way to do that than to incorporate additional cabinetry: tall and deep cabinets that can hold many of the bulky items you need to keep safe. So we built a storage room for this basement apartment. We finished this space, and it’s vital to finish your storage room because a finished space will create an environment where your stuff will be kept clean, protected, and accessible anytime.

How to Make a Storage Room More Durable

One way we could make this storage room more durable is by using a much more durable semi-gloss paint because storage rooms take a lot more abuse, so this storage room’s going to have a finish that’s going to last a lot longer as well.


If you’re considering a basement apartment in your home or want an accessory dwelling unit on your property in Herriman, Utah, request a consultation or call us at (801) 341-9690. We’d love to talk to you and see how we can help you and your family. Thank you for your time, and have an excellent rest of your week.


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  • Pricing to include a bathroom, a kitchen, a laundry room, or open square footage
  • Basement walkout entrance pricing
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