Functional Design for a Kitchen Remodel in Riverton, Utah

Designing a Kitchen Remodel to Be Comfortable and Fit Your Needs

Hello, everyone, Caleb Dansie here. Today, we’re talking about home remodeling, specifically kitchens. Do you have a kitchen that feels exhausting or frustrating to work in? We do things when we remodel kitchens to have a good layout and be comfortable, so I wanted to discuss that with you today.

Step 1: Decide How You Will Use the Kitchen

The first thing we do when planning a kitchen remodel is ask our customers many questions about how they will use the kitchen. It’s crucial to know this information. There are a lot of questions, such as, how am I going to use the space? How many people are going to be working in this space together? How often are we going to be in the kitchen? What types of food are we going to make regularly? Then you’ll also want to keep in mind the ingredients you’ll use and how much time it takes to cook your meals.

Kitchen Design Triangle Configuration

Once we understand how the kitchen will be used, we can move on to the work triangle. The work triangle is the distance between the fridge, sink, and stove, and you measure the distance from the center of each one. The rule to the triangle is that no one side of the triangle should be less than four feet. At the same time, no one side should be greater than nine feet, and the total sum of the perimeter shouldn’t be more than 26 feet or less than 12 feet.

Why the Work Triangle Helps Design a Functional Kitchen

These rules, or guidelines, help create a kitchen that isn’t too small and cramped or too large and exhausting to walk back and forth while working in the kitchen. So, if you have a larger kitchen, you can incorporate two work triangles. Let’s say you have to have two fridges and two stoves; the triangles can overlap, but a lot of people choose to have two sinks, and that is helpful if you have a prep sink and a cleanup sink so that you can be preparing food and cleaning up at the same time. So you can have two people working, not interfering with each other, but working well in tandem.

Exceptions to the Work Triangle Guidelines

Those are some tips and guidelines we use to lay out a kitchen in a remodeling situation. You can apply this to new home construction, a new build, or a basement finish. If you have a kitchenette with just a bar on one wall, these rules don’t apply, and we’ll have another video on how to lay out those types of kitchens soon.

Wrapping Up

If you have questions about remodeling your kitchen and living in the Salt Lake and Utah County areas, Herriman, Utah, Riverton, Utah, or the surrounding area, contact us or call at (801) 341-9690. Have an excellent rest of your day.


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