Carpet Installation for a Basement Finish in Riverton

Riverton Basement Finish

Hello, I’m Caleb with Dansie Design Build. Today we are getting close to wrapping up a basement finish that we’re working on in Riverton, Utah. An exciting day! On one of the last days, we install the carpet. So it’s always a great day when the carpet comes, but I wanted to show you a few details about the carpet, how it’s installed, and what to expect when your basement’s getting carpet installed.

The Tack Strip for Carpet Installation

So one of the first things you’ll see is the tack strip. Now the tack strip is installed around the edges of the baseboards and the whole perimeter of the room. And that is going to secure the carpet to the floor eventually. So these are installed by nailing down with actual nails that go into the concrete because we are in a basement.

Carpet Pad Options

Then the next thing we do is you’re going to see this carpet pad installed. And many different types of carpet pads regarding densities and materials exist. Memory foam is one of them, and there are also more standard ones. Different thicknesses, depending on what type of feel you’re going for. This gets glued down with an adhesive onto the floor.

Measure and Cut the Carpet to Fit the Room

The next step is measuring and cutting the carpet to fit the room. One important thing to remember about carpet is that it’s manufactured in 12-foot rolls. So if you have a space wider than 12 feet, you will have a seam in the carpet. This room is slightly wider than 12 feet. So we did have a seam here on this edge of the floor. We used these glue strips, heated it with the iron, and massaged it together.

Tip: Cut Your Carpet Straight

One essential and pretty cool thing is that you have to cut the carpet perfectly straight. And here I have a few scraps, but I’ll show you this. There are different colors of yarn in the carpet, so when you cut perfectly straight, these end up lighter and darker. And so they pair perfectly when laid up right next to each other and glued. So I’m not gluing this one together, but that is how you get the carpet seems to match very well.

Tip: Choose a Minimally Mixed Pattern Carpet

Then another tip is to choose a carpet with a minimal mixed pattern. If you get into carpets with many shapes and bigger patterns, then matching them together becomes more difficult, and the seams become more obvious. But in this case, this is a great carpet to use and seam together without noticing any seams. So there’s a seam right here, and we just barely finished doing it, but it turned out beautiful.

So from here, the next step is to stretch the carpet into place, trim off the edges, and then vacuum up.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed our video today on how we install a carpet and the process at the end of a basement finishing project. If you are looking for help with finishing your basement, doing floor plan design and getting plans drawn, or building a basement finish, you can contact us and request a consultation.


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