Building Your Basement Walkout Entry Part 3: Footing and Foundation

Building Strong: How to Construct a Basement Walkout Entry

Hello, everyone. I’m Caleb with Dansie Design Build. Today, we’re focusing on the key steps to build a secure and functional basement walkout entry. We’ll use our project in Heber, Utah, to guide you through each stage.

What is a Basement Walkout Entry?

Firstly, a basement walkout entry provides direct outdoor access from your basement. Typically located at ground level on one side of your house, it brings in natural light and makes the basement more useful and inviting.

Starting with Strong Footings

Initially, we lay down strong footings, which are essential as they support the entire walkout entry structure. In Heber, we constructed the footings to be 24 inches wide and 12 inches deep, including two reinforcing steel bars. This robust foundation is crucial for the safety and longevity of your basement walkout entry.

Laying the Foundation

Next, we proceed to build the foundation walls. These walls manage the external soil pressure. In Heber, we used precise concrete forms to shape the walls correctly. Furthermore, we left some forms open for inspections to ensure compliance with all safety standards

Managing Soil and Excavation

Moreover, proper excavation is critical. In Heber, the presence of cobblestone-rich soil meant we had to remove more material to ensure a stable foundation. Each site offers unique challenges, and accurately understanding the soil type is essential.

Moving Forward

Finally, with the footings and foundation in place, the structure of your basement walkout entry begins to take shape. These initial steps are fundamental to a successful project. Ensuring correct execution now paves the way for a smoother continuation of the building work.

Thinking About Adding a Basement Walkout Entry?

At Dansie Design Build, we’re here to improve your living spaces. If you’re thinking about a basement walkout entry, contact us today. We’re dedicated to ensuring your new space is not only beautiful but also solidly built, from the ground up.


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