Basement Finish Design in Draper, Utah: A Quick Update

Basement Finish Design: Quick Update

Hello, everyone. I’m Caleb with Dansie Design Build. Today, I’m excited to update you about our basement finish design project in Draper, Utah

We’re in the painting phase, with the primer on the walls and the first coat of primer. We’ve got things rolling as far as that goes. I’m am checking in on the progress and wanted to show you all the rooms and what we’ve done here on this project.

Living Room / Kitchen Area

First, we’re in this basement’s living room/kitchen area. It’s a decent-sized room. We have an L-shaped kitchen layout on the right side. Then we have these two walls that will have the cabinets on them. 

The dining area is over here. This whole space has LVP-style floor underneath this paper. We’re doing the painting and everything like that, so it’s protected for now.

Theater Room

As we continue this way, we find ourselves at the landing of the stairs that head toward the home’s upper level. But as we go forward, we’ll enter what is set up to be the theater room in this basement. 

We have plenty of outlets for the low-voltage speaker wire that’s already run. That way they can set up speakers and entertainment systems in this space.

On the far side, the cold storage area is right underneath the porch. We’re not working there, so we won’t show that area right now.


There’s a hallway down on one side of the kitchen. As we come here, we find ourselves with the bathroom on the right side and another bedroom at the back. The theater room could double as a bedroom if you didn’t want to set it up as a theater room. 

Technically, this is like a two-bedroom, one-bathroom
basement project.


Anyway, this is the bedroom. We also have a nice, large walk-in closet off on the side. On the opposite side, we have another entrance into that same bathroom in the hallway. It’s accessible and easy for the people using this bedroom.


Stepping into the bathroom, we have the laundry area off to this side and the linen storage on the other side. Across the room, we have the shower area and the tub, and then the vanity will end up right behind me against that wall.

Need Your Basement Finished?

As we exit this area, we end up back in the hallway, the kitchen, the dining room, and the common area. 

That’s everything for this basement finish design update, so I hope you enjoyed it. If you need help
finishing a basement, creating plans and designs, or building the project. You can contact us and request a project consultation

Thanks, and have a great day. Bye.


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