Basement Apartment Layout in Herriman, Utah

Take a Peek Inside This One Bedroom Basement Apartment

Hello, I’m Rachel with Dansie Design Build. Today we are in an unfinished basement of one of our clients, and we’re going over the design layout with them. So we’ve just finished going through all the plans and measurements and figuring out where they want things and how everything will measure. So if you want, we’ll tour what we’ve put together.

Basement Apartment Bathroom Layout

First, let’s start in the bathroom. So, in the bathroom, we have all our plumbing pipes, and they’re in specific spots right now. We’re not worried about it. We can move it. We will put a wall in the bathroom, and there will be a washer and dryer. So we’ll install a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub shower area.

Easily Accessible Mechanical Room

We also have a mechanical room that we’ll have sectioned off. So we’ve decided to put the electrical panel in the basement apartment so the people living here can have access outside of the mechanical room. So they don’t have to have access to the mechanical room.

Kitchen and Basement Walkout

In the area off the mechanical room, we’re not going to have a door; we’ll frame the wall and possibly make it a little bit longer, which will be the kitchen. So we’ll have an extended, tall pantry in the corner, fridge, stove, and all that stuff. The kitchen also has a window that will transform magically into a basement walkout entry door. So, we’ll have to cut out the top for this walkout entry and do some engineering to get structural reinforcement. The kitchen will be LVP flooring, and the rest of the main living will be carpeted to keep it nice and warm.

Large One Bedroom

As we’re going into this back room, this will be a lovely big bedroom. So this will be a one-bedroom apartment, with everything you need. It’s been fun to mark down all the measurements and get into the design.

Working with a Design-Build Contractor

We get detailed so that we can develop a design plan that we then send to our clients so that they can see how everything looks. For example, we can get different measurements and placements for things such as the toilet, bathtub, or all of those solidified. Then we will make a cabinet plan and come up with the exact sizes of cabinets and appliances in the kitchen. So that’s where we’re at in this basement, and we’re excited for the next steps in our design process.

How We Can Help You with a Basement Finish or Home Remodel

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  • Basement walkout entrance pricing
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