4 Ways to Stick to Your Home Remodeling Budget

How to Stick to Your Home Remodeling Budget

Hello, I’m Caleb with Dansie Design Build, and today I want to talk to you about four ways that you can help you stick to your home remodeling budget.

#1: Avoid "While We're At" - Stick to the Design Plan

The first way is to avoid getting a case of “while we’re at it.” The best way to do that is through the design programming phase. So avoiding being able to say, “Yeah, while we’re here, let’s just jump in and just add this little extra thing and add some lights here,” or, “Change out the flooring in that room too.” So going through the design programming phase, figuring out what you like about each area of your home and what you don’t like so that you can do the design, get the project underway, and stick to it.

#2: Don't Change Elements of the Project After Your Project Has Started

Number two is wanting to change the design or elements of the project after you’ve already started. An example of this would be changing the orientation of a kitchen island or the location of your kitchen after you’ve already got plumbing and things installed, which will be very costly.

#3: Formulate a Great Home Remodeling Plan

The third way you can stick to your remodeling budget is by having a good plan. If you have no plan and no designs, that is the best way to start spending money like crazy. You’re going to run out of money before it’s done. So if you’re calling up subcontractors, asking them for bids here and there, trying to piece it together, that’s a financially risky way to put a project together. So, plans are worth what they cost, and good plans are worth even more just because they’re detailed and show what you expect.

#4: Hire a Thorough Home Remodeling Contractor

The fourth way to stick to a remodeling budget is to hire a thorough contractor, somebody who can help you understand what your goals are, go through the design process, programming, and drawing the plans, and then be able to dial in the budget where it needs to be.

Typically, people’s wishlists are much larger than their budgets, which is okay; that’s normal. But there needs to be some compromise between the two to dial in what you can get and what it’s going to cost. So having a thorough contractor who can help and has the foresight into that enables you to stay on budget.

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